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CHARISMATIC Clear Football Visor

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  • ANTI-FOG, SCRATCH-RESISTANT, & UV PROTECTION:  Our clear football visor is made from high-impact polycarbonate. Is anti-fog, scratch-resistant, & blocks 99% of the sun's harmful rays. The clear football visors for helmet kids & parents love
  • PREVENTS EYE POKES & LIMITS NECK INJURIES:  The clear football shield protects your eyes from annoying eye pokes. A visor for football helmet also helps to prevent serious neck injuries by making it harder to grab/tug on the face mask. A clear football helmet visor is a must-have
  • UNIVERSAL FIT & EASY TO INSTALL:  Easily attaches to a kids football helmet, youth football helmets, & adult football helmets of all sizes. Riddell Speedflex helmet, Riddell Speed, Riddell Victor, Schutt F7 football helmet, Schutt Vengeance, Schutt Air, Xenith X2E, Xenith Epic, & many more
  • APPROVED FOR YOUTH LEAGUES & HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL:  Our anti-glare football face shield is approved as a high-end clear youth football visor and adult football visor clear
  • COSTS LESS THAN YOUR PHONE BILL: Clear visor for football helmet, football visor clips, screws, & cleaning cloth included. And if you don't like it simply return it. If you're not satisfied we're not satisfied. What do you have to lose? Get your visor today! 


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