Our Story

Late one Saturday afternoon in sunny San Diego, two friends, Justin and Tyler, after watching their kids play in their final youth football game of the season, began to fire up the BBQ as the kids frolicked in the pool. As they huddled around the BBQ, Justin said ‘Remember when we were that happy?’ as he looked towards their kids in the pool. ‘Yeah, those were the days’ Tyler replied. They had each spent the better part of their adulthood working at jobs that they hated. After a long day at work and what seemed like an even longer commute home, they rarely had the energy to play with their own kids or give attention to their wives. This was not how life was supposed to be. ‘Why can’t we be that happy?’ Justin proclaimed. ‘Is that not the whole purpose of life? To be happy.’ They looked at each other as that thought simmered. ‘Let’s do it’ Tyler said. ‘Do what?’ Justin replied. ‘Be happy. I am tired of my job. Tired of not having time for my family. There has to be a better way’. As the sun went down and the kids and wives went inside to get cleaned up, they began to brainstorm. What made them happy?
Family ... Football ... And helping others
The idea seemed simple enough, but, what could they sell? Justin flashed back to a few weeks earlier when, after his son had been poked in the eye during a game, he had bought him a visor at the local sporting goods store... for $60! He remembered thinking at the time: “What a rip-off!” Now, as he told the story to Tyler, the light bulb went off and they knew they had the product they were looking for.
Charismatic Visors was born on that Saturday afternoon in San Diego, CA with the goal being to not only change their lives, but, to help thousands of others along the way.